Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Yesterday my Report ended with "Don't miss out"!  All those that came today and have been reading my reports were well rewarded. Awesome bite with Joey, Sonny & myself working like Jack Lalane with the nets!

Great to see all the guys who have fished with me over the years kicking Bass! Alex and crew were back again today taking no prisoners in the bow. Eddie had the pool fish at 29 pounds 41 inches. Not many small fish as most went 28 inches and over. Hard to imagine guys tossing back 28 to 32 inch fish after they had their keeper, but we don't make the rules.

Just to clear things up.....You can keep a 28 to just under 43 inch fish. You can keep a 43 and over, you can also keep a 24 inch to just under 28 (IF YOU HAVE A BONUS TAG). You can not toss back a 28 inch fish if you catch a 43.....we will weight it (as it counts) for the pool, the let her go. When the bite is as good as today, You decide what to do. I would personally keep the 28 for dinner, use my bonus tag for another dinner, then fish my ass off looking for Fame and Glory!

Shads work best in the shallow water but in the current and deep water it's the jigs........PLEASE guys, NO Treble Hooks, when things are crazy like today, they tangle & tie up the net while others are waiting for us to get there. They also kill more fish that have to be tossed back by swallowing them way too deep.

Back at it tomorrow.....The Wind won't come till late afternoon once we are done!!!

Capt. Ron

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