Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pretty much the same scenario today as yesterday for the morning bite. Bird life in several area's with the smaller fish taking the shads. Fished inshore, offshore, here there and every-where looking for the bigger fish.

Ran back into the Bay working the Bunkers and bait in the afternoon....Didn't spent too much time there as it turned out to be only bait and a Whale. Ran back out into the ocean & the current, had a couple fish on with the eels but it didn't pan out.

Took one last ride looking for the Bail out spot and found it! Bigger fish on Jigs & eels.

Pool Fish went 20lbs second place made 19 and we had a nice 15 pound fish also. Several other nice keepers while it lasted and it made all the running around worth it!

Back at it tomorrow, don't let 1/10 of an inch of Rain over night keep you home, it will clear out early. The fish are still here we just have to work a little harder to catch them.

Capt. Ron

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