Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pretty much the same fishing as the past week. Loads of Bait, Bird life, and plenty of fish both on top and on the machine. Very tough to catch them though for what ever reason. Today we had a Hodgepodge mix of Blues, Bass, Mackerel & Herring. Just not enough of any one species to say it was good fishing!

Thousands of Gannets hitting the water on the bait, you would think it would be lights out fishing.....No way! Very frustrating too say the least as we cover many miles looking for the right bite.  Fished the eels for a while today and that didn't seem to help.

Phil took the pool with a nice 15 pound Striped Bass, Some Big Blues and short Bass to end another tough day.

Back at it to give it Hell once again tomorrow!

Capt. Ron

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