Thursday, November 14, 2019

Had fish on with-in minutes today. Chris Zotti had the hot hand right off the bat landing 2 keepers and 3 shorts in the first hour. He ended the day with 7 keeper size fish and 14 Shorts! After not having a bite last week, today more than made up for it. Tim Valenti landed several fish along with a few others who also had the Hot hand.

Picked away all day with shots of fish, keepers & shorts, then nothing for a while. When they came through we would see 2-3 fish then nothing. The end of the tide is when the bigger fish turned on. Morris Duckett landed a beauty for the pool at 23 pounds! Second place came in at 19 pounds and so on.

Clams worked best and we ended the day with over 20 nice keepers & plenty of shorts. Read loads of fish on the way home, can't wait to get back out tomorrow!

Bill V landed the first Fluke of 2018 with a beauty at 4 pounds. He actually had to Walk it!

Capt. Ron

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