Thursday, October 17, 2019

Too say it felt good to actually catch fish for a change is an understatement!

Had perfect drifting conditions for our first day of Fluke Fishing with an out going tide with the wind. Didn't take long to land the first few keepers along with pretty good short action. Robert Neilson and his Bride lead the way with 5 nice fish between them. Couple others had their 3 in the cooler by days end including Billy V, Jay, Bob & Iris.

Iris took the pool with a very nice 6.3 pound fish caught on the next to last drift. Searched a couple of area's being the first day, some had fish & some didn't so we didn't waste too much time in the lack of life area's. Great to see so many of the Fluke regulars out on the first trip, nice way to start the season......Thanks guys!

Back at it tomorrow....

Capt. Ron

Great Catches

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