Thursday, November 14, 2019

Had a much better bite today in the AM as compared to yesterday. Shorts with a keeper mixed in and plenty of Sharks, skates & Sea Robbins. Had the Madison Boy Scouts with Steve Rhodes & crew aboard today. The weather called for the worse but we ended up with the best. The young men had a blast and spent a great day on the water.

Long time Regular aboard, Scott Ure/North Arlington landed his second largest fluke of his career fishing with me at 9.4 pounds, 29 inches! Several years ago Scott landed a $$$$ winning seasonal pool at 11.2 lbs.  Bill V fishing also in the bow had to take a back seat and second place with a 5 pound fish...sorry Bill. Couple guys had two in the cooler but it's certainly not easy fishing.... Gotta work it hard.

Capt. Ron

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