Saturday, October 19, 2019
Another late bite today as we covered many miles through loads of bait looking for the fish that were hungry.
Stopped several times on readings that should have had everyone hooked up, to only catch a couple fish.
Late in the day when the South wind started coming on with the outgoing (and it got nasty) did the fish start to bite. Several shots at keeper bass and blues.
Same fishing as yesterday to the tee!!

Special Note: Teaser Rigs are not appropriate for Party boat fishing..Period. There is no need for them and they are very dangerous!
I have said this and posted why for the past several years, not going to get into that debate again.
It seems some local tackle shops insist on selling them to my customers, when they know our policy. This to me is a total disservice to the public. To tell someone that "Your spending $60" to fish on the boat you should use what ever you want, is not selling them what is really working! You just wasted your money.
These customers come in asking what is the right set-up.....not asking for teaser rigs, point them in the right direction!
We are jigging, the proper lures for Fall fishing: Ava 47's, 67's, Jigs with tails, Crippled hearing (when the rain fish are gone), Crocs and some days Shads.

The Proper rig for Clam fishing: 20 lb leader at least 18 inches long,(we keep the leader short for casting) minimum 5/0 bait holder hook, a swivel and egg sinker or 3 way with a sinker pin.
Not a rig that was made in China with 60 pound cable! This has also be addressed in the past, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.....

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