Thursday, October 17, 2019

We had a better bite this morning compared to yesterday but it was short lived as the South wind came up and stopped us dead. Looked over a couple area's waiting for the change of tide and better drifting conditions & found a few beauties!

Dave Orlkel lead the way with 4 nice fish including the Pool fish at 7.4 Pounds to take the daily pool.

Funny, but this morning on the dock Dave and I had a conversation about all the High tech equipment being used today to catch fish & here he had his grandfathers ole wooden handle real with a rod that had to be 50 years old, catching his limit along with the Big one.......made me chuckle!

Couple other beauties were landed by buddy Oleg from Staten Island, who boated another great fish at 6.5 pounds and Mark who had a 5.7.  Couple guys had their 3 some had 2, but in NO WAY is it easy. Bait has been working better no doubt but trying to get the buck tail guys to change it up, I'd have a better chance at getting them a sex change!! Go figure.


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