Monday, October 21, 2019

Gorgeous day on the water today with some very nice action on the Fluke!

Plenty of shorts to keep everyone busy but the keepers are what we like to talk about! Alex, fishing in the bow took a while to get going but once I gave him a little talking too, he got his A game on and made the Rack!

Couple beauties today including John Sabonis with the Pool fish at 5 pounds 12 ounces, Gary Thompson with a 5.3, Megan with a 4.8 on only her second fluke trip after catching three last week on her first trip (showing her Dad, Mark) how to get it done and Mr. Steve Chaos with another nice fish at 4 pounds.

Mustachio Richie & Brother Bill filled the rack today fishing hard as usual. Weather looks great, it's Fluke time!

Booked this coming Saturday.....Hope to see you on Sunday.

Capt. Ron

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