Monday, October 21, 2019

Much better fishing today with the little drift we had.

Had to work the throttles to get it done, but that's what we do! Capt. Ron Sr. started the day off with the first fish in the boat and a beauty at 6 pounds! Steve "Chaos" followed up with another nice fish at 5.11 pounds to take his second pool in two weeks!

Slugged away all morning without a breeze, shorts and a few keepers on every drift. A nice SE breeze came up so we changed locations and had much better fishing the rest of the day.  Listen to the crew and let them change you up to what is working, the guys who do, end up catching fish.....Don't be a Hard head! Nothing worse than us busting ass all day without team participation!  Senior hooked up "Sailor"Allen with a plain simple rig and he ended the day with three nice keepers. Keep it simple guys!  Gulp, Strips, teasers & spearing on one hook isn't going to get it done.....What the hell does the fish think when they see that? Just a thought!

Back at it tomorrow....

Capt. Ron

Great Catches

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