Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Had perfect conditions with the wind & tide this morning. Took a little ride hoping for a "LONG DRIFT"and catching fish.....No such luck! The lack of a bite and only a couple fish to show for it got me the Hell out of Dodge fast! Went into search mode and plucked & picked the rest of the day. Conditions were never good no matter where we went after that but we worked it hard and produced some nice fluke.

Fran from PA had the first limit early then went to sleep. Jimmy the Don from Staten Island also had his three. Henry took the pool with a nice 5 pound fish and landed 2 keepers.  Several folks had two nice fish including Richie, Megan and a couple others. Plenty of customers with none.......Capt. Ron Senior didn't catch a keeper either today and fished right next to Jimmy who had his limit....Yes folks, he is Mortal!!!

Tough fishing to say the least with not a Hot bite on shorts either.

Back at it tomorrow.

Capt. Ron

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