Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Action wasn't so hot this morning on the incoming tide. Fished a couple area's with only some shorts & a couple of keepers. Searched some more and found some beautiful Sea Bass including Mike Nolans, 4 1/2 pound beauty.....Best action came at the end of the day on the change of tide, we carried it as long as we could slugging away on keepers & shorts.

Big Dave, Steve Chaos, Mike, Joe & John ended up with two nice keepers each in overtime. Pool Fish went to Andy Seney, one of my long time favorite Monday regulars fishing along with Albin Wicki.  Was Ironic that the bite was late as these guys have been there many times in the past when we had to pull the Rabbit out of the Hat!

Paid to be the Late boat once again today.

CHARTERED WEDNESDAY the 18th this week!!

Capt. Ron

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