Monday, October 21, 2019
Had all intentions to start clamming first thing today....that all changed when we rounded the hook. Saw birds working from the point all the way out in between the channels. Made a quick bites!
Ran in between to only watch the birds start to break up. Read plenty of bait and some fish, but the bite wasn't on.

Switched up to the clams for the last of the tide, caught one keeper. Put the jigs back on and chased some life out east. Picked at some blues and bass...back to the clams for some of the smallest bass I have seen all year!!
Must have caught 20 fish in 20 minutes and only 2 keepers out of that.
By now the Monday rabbit is looking tough.
At 2:PM we gave it one last shot. Back out to the head of the channels on some life I had been watching develop. Caught a couple keeper bass and some blues to finish out the day....

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