Wednesday, October 23, 2019
After yesterday's dismal report and the way the fall bite has been going, had the feeling today it would happen and it did, big time!!
Started out jigging on some life between the channels, small fish and no keepers. Thought to myself, another day of this and I might retire!!

Switched up to the clams once again, knowing yesterday we caught Crap on them. When they decided to bite, it was on!!
Fish up to 24 pounds, guys with 3 to 5 fish each on an excellent 2 hour bite.
Gene "The Fishing Machine" and Paul Smitko, two customers who have had some setbacks in their lives were on-board today to kick some bass!!
Gene had the pool fish at 24 pounds along with his 3 on a bonus tag.
Paul had 5!
Many limits around the boat and then some...
If I could trade half of what we caught today for the customers who fished yesterday, especially the new ones who caught crap, I'd do it in a heart beat!!
Excellent fall fishing day on the water.......Bum to hero in just 24 hours.
Nice Video and Pics tonight..Enjoy!

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