Monday, October 21, 2019

Conditions, Conditions, Conditions!! Worked our Butts off today trying to find the right conditions....Started in Ambrose for the change of tide but the current down deep was already running in while on top it was still running out, total Cluster **** with tangle's and a couple short fish & more sharks than you could count!

Ran offshore, once again the southerly current on top & a slide made it another Bitch! Ran down the beach to find No current, hardly any drift...Welcome to my world!! Bounced around picking at some Sea Bass & a keeper fluke here and there with some shorts. Ran back to the North hoping to the change of tide would give us a drift and a bite.

The bite did turn on but the action was mostly shorts with an odd keeper in the mix. Never had to work so hard in all my career for so little to show for it. Couple nice keepers with the pool fish going just under 7 pounds that was caught by Art. Couple huge Sea Bass, Fran had a beauty that went 4 pounds but still not enough for such a beautiful day on the water. Two Scotch night for sure.....and I haven't done that in a LONG TIME!!! No way to sugar coat this in any way but as to quote an Old Friend (Capt. John), "Somebody, Some where, Mass quantities of Fluke today" LOL!


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