Monday, October 21, 2019

Probably the most miserable day of the season. Hot with NO Breeze and Fly's from Hell biting!

Slugged away with plenty of short action. John, Scott & Dave jigging, had over 30 fish plus their keepers by days end. Scott landed 4 nice fish including a 6 pounder.

John Froelich took the pool with his first fish of the day at 6.9 pounds. Second fish went 5 pounds. (No pic of the Pool fish) as John is suddenly camera shy! Couple guys had two keepers by days end and they earned every one of them today!

As I said yesterday, bring lot's of water, for tomorrow also. Had a couple folks get taken by the heat today, you have to stay hydrated. Yet, some of the Old school guys just shrug that thought off....Back at it tomorrow.


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