Thursday, October 17, 2019

Had a good crew of customers on the boat today, couple who were out with us on Friday were back also. Had plenty of readings both on bait & fish right off the bat but they certainly didn't want to cooperate!

We still had a couple hours of incoming so I figured it was just a matter of finding the ones that wanted to bite, no such luck. We covered pretty much the whole bay and into the ocean with the same results...Lots of bait with fish on the bottom and NO bite. The next brainstorm was we will see what happens on the outgoing, hoping the bite would turn on we worked our way back to where I read most of the bait throughout the day. Had a good outgoing, read the fish but again the bite never turned on.

The Rain at the end of the day was the icing on the cake. Will try some fresh Bunker chunking tomorrow & see what happens.

Capt. Ron

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