Monday, October 21, 2019
Still a good swell in the ocean today, but who cares if the fish are biting!!!

Picked away all day on shorts and keepers, some drifts better than others...
Best bite of the day came from slack into the change of tide...Had 4 drifts where both Robbie, Chris and myself were netting and gaffing!!

Lots of smaller fish again, along with a nice catch of keeper bass and big blues.
Pool fish made 14 pounds...but don't fret, from the reports I hear, the main body of bigger fish are still 16 miles east of Fire Island, so we have plenty of good fishing to come!
The warmer weather the next couple of days may slow down the move, but hang in there, they will make it!
Keep up on the reports and when the first one post's "BIG FISH TODAY" and the video is awesome action....Get here ASAP cause it won't last forever!!
Nice video from today..will post it when it loads up, just taking too long for some reason...
Thanks! Capt.Ron

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