Saturday, October 19, 2019

Finally found a new body of fish in the Ocean today!!! Slugged away in the AM on fast moving fish that were chasing the Bunker. Change of tide worked out much better as the life just was awesome and the fish were easier to catch. Tony fishing in the bow put on a clinic with a top water plug landing over a dozen nice big bass by days end.

Jigs worked much better in the deeper water with guys landing multiple Stiped bass. Pool fish and largest fish went 26 lbs to Alex who took the money. Tony had one that went 24 lbs and Miguel landed third place at 23 pound.  Nice new body of fish, all very healthy and clean.  We released many fish to fight another day!

After taking pictures of all the trolling boats last week catching while we stroked it, it was nice to get out of the bay and get back in the groove. Can't wait to get out there tomorrow!!!!

Capt. Ron

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