Wednesday, October 23, 2019

With all the life we left biting at the end of the day yesterday, all those readings of bait & fish for over 3 miles, the pics of those beautiful bass...I couldn't sleep last night waiting to get back out there today. Had a good outgoing until 11 am and figured those babies would be ready for us first thing. No such luck!

Headed out between the channels where we started yesterday, NG, Ambrose & Out to the East to find every Gannet on the planet sitting on the water. I knew we missed the bite seeing that and with the change of tide not until noon I had a bad feeling but never lost hope as the incoming yesterday just got better as the day went on!! We ran East, back South down our beach, back to the North out East again after the change looking for that Rabbit out of the hat....finally landed a keeper.

Looked back to the West, inshore to our channel, you name it, I was there. Finally threw in the towel, blew three and went home. Hero to Zero all in 24 hours. After 42 years you just never get used to it but we will be Back at it tomorrow looking to kick Bass once again.

Don't wait for the Report, Be the report, you never know!!

Capt. Ron

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