Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Stripers seem to be where you find them after much searching the past two days.....Sunday we had fish from the Middle of the bay out to the end of the channel in the fog, wind & rain.

Yesterday & today we found only a couple area's of bait & fish.

For us, the Fish didn't want to bite until the change of tide and it is a short window of opportunity, to say the least!

Yesterday, they were more finicky and tougher to catch. Today when we got the change, the bite was Hot! Mostly Jigs with tails as the fish move fast in the deep water. By the time the shads get to the bottom, the fish are gone, so we had to change it up.

Gary, Bill and a few others took my advise and switched up right away to put the jigs on when I said too and were well rewarded. Gary landed 4 nice bass, Bill had 3, Joe had 3 and so on.

Nobody was set up to fish Top Water and when those fish were boiling next to the boat, it would have been game on!  We found Rain Fish, Bunker, Butterfish & herring in the bellies while cleaning, so there is plenty of bait around.

Never loose patients and always be ready to catch, you never know what drift will be yours!!!  If I quit today after a couple of hours of searching without a bite, my customers wouldn't be my customers.  Back at it tomorrow!!

Capt. Ron, Joe & Joey

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