Saturday, October 19, 2019
Still a huge swell in the ocean most of the day, for the 4th day in a row... Surprised we caught anything at all with some crappy conditions!!
If this keeps up, by Monday I may need traction!

Had to work readings, snags and good peaces of bottom all day. Some drifts had 5 or 6 fish with a keeper or two in the mix, some drifts with none.
Best of the fishing came at slack into the change of tide once again late in the day. Couple drifts with hot action actually got the customers back in the game!

Several limits including Dr. Sal, Art Berkman, Jeff and a host of others on fish just at the 28 inch mark...Pool fish must have been lost and swimming with the wrong school as it went 16 pounds. We called it "The Babysitter"!

Still don't know how a guy can spend a ton of money on a boat, yet won't use his fish finder to produce fish! The lack of respect in Society carries on with some of the weekend warriors and the things I witness each week....I could go on forever with stories, but the true boatmen and fishermen know the deal. Some of these clowns end up being the ones we read about!!

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