Thursday, January 23, 2020

Spent 6 hours covering the Ocean & a whole lot of miles looking for a bite....and I mean A BITE!

Read bait & some fish in several area's with no takers. Went into overtime hoping we wouldn't get a Donut and lucked out....Landed a couple keepers and a short, stayed late praying it would get better but the boat traffic just wouldn't allow it. I'm sure with the readings at the end of the day anyone fishing tonight will beat on them....just not us.

On another Note for the Adults with small children, if a Captain tells you to maybe try a 1/2 day in the bay and explains why for many reasons, please don't think they are wrong and think your child is going to have a good time. Nothing worse than loosing a future fishing pal because they got their ass kicked and didn't have a good time. I couldn't allow a customer today to bring his young son knowing we would be fishing the ocean. Beside the fact that we are jigging, this young man couldn't spend the day in the cabin. Dad would have lost him forever....

Thanks for finally listening to me Dad, hope you had a great day with your Boy and that you get to spend many happy fishing memories together.

Not sailing Sunday & Monday as the weather is going to be hellish with wind & rain....12 days till Fluke Fishing!

Capt. Ron

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