Wednesday, October 23, 2019

After being tied to the dock for the past three days, I didn't know what to expect today. Thought for sure the Ocean would still be nasty and the Bay was out with all the Brown water run-off. We had the bait ready to go but I'm glad we changed the game plan on the way out.

Went into search mode and ran into a huge area of Bait & Stripers! Gannets working hard, fish rolling on top. Croc's and Large Shads worked the best. Fish were moving fast and we had all we could do to keep up with them, hit them and move most of the morning.

All fish were very clean, healthy and hungry. Pool fish was split between two beauties that both went 24 pounds!

Weather looks great the rest of the week, finally some Sunshine for a change.  Back at it tomorrow!

Capt. Ron

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