Thursday, October 17, 2019

I have to admit, after all these years of doing what I do, it finally is sinking in that I have No control over what the hell goes on in the fish bite category!!

Headed back out to where we found acres of life, Bait & fish yesterday. Wasn't much in the way of life but we found the Bunker and thought we just had to wait it out. Snagged and dropped live ones, NG.  Tossed the Shads, Jigs and anything else I thought would work, NG.  We jigged a couple small blues then got the Hell outta Dodge.

Ran all the way back to the West and switched up to fishing with the bait. Clams & Bunker on the last of the tide. Had a pick on Small Bass, caught a couple blues and finally landed 4 keeper Bass after the change of tide. Big disappointment after yesterday but we didn't get the skunk and still gave it hell.

Everyday is a new ball game leaving the dock and no two days are a-like, one day fishing local the next running all over the Ocean looking for the bite. Hell, if it were that easy, I'd be rich. Fortunately, we have had more better days than bad this season, just gotta be on the right trip when they want to eat.

Back at it tomorrow, with vengeance in my out Bass!

Capt. Ron

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