Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Once again, myself & the crew arrived at the boat with the anticipation of a new day....after 4 days of the stroke and knowing the fish are here, I thought for sure today would be the day. Seems all the past reports of the Monday regulars are a thing of the past as only 6 customers showed for us today, so we went fishing.

Heard of fish being caught, got to the area, read them and didn't catch! Did the tour the rest of the day praying for a bite. Change of tide didn't help, perfect conditions for bait fishing, no takers, not even the Blues!  Frustrating is beyond what I could explain, never had to work so hard to catch squat in my entire career.

Will give it hell tomorrow once again. I always knew in this business you had to have Thick Skin, but by now, I should be a friggin Alligator!!

Fluke fishing on Friday....don't expect any miracles but we will give it hell.

Capt. Ron

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