Saturday, October 19, 2019

Had a Charter today with Mike Hettesheimer and the crew from Spartech.

Mike was very wise in letting me make the decision on how to make his crew happy as the Fluke fishing has been terrible so far this season.

We loaded up the Clams, Squid, Fresh Bunker & Spearing and were ready for anything today.

Sea Bass fishing was very good, had a couple Ling and some nice Flounder for the group as the action was hot all day. Everyone went home with a nice bag of fillets.

With that being said, we sail everyday looking to catch fish...does it matter what's in your bucket (or Not)? Seems the days of "Specialty Fishing" are over and I can't sit bye trying to cover the sign when I could be making customers happy! Joe, Joey and myself felt like we were reborn today after stroking it for the past week and a half.

So, come prepared for anything guys. I will be fishing Rock bottom, you can fish for fluke as we did catch a couple shorts today or you can bottom fish when the Sea Bass bite but we are going fishing.

When the Fluke do get here it will be game on but myself and the crew can't sit back and go through the motions producing Zilch....Not when there are REAL fish to catch!

Take what the Sea offers, Some days it's Stripers as Tuesday was proof of that, other days some Big Blues came through, today it was Sea Bass, ling & Flounder. Happy Customers, that's all that matters to me!


Let's do this!!!

Capt. Ron

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