Saturday, October 19, 2019

Wish I could report that the FLUKE have arrived in mass but No such luck so far!

Headed out to the Ocean and Rock bottom once again. Big roll all day and we laid side too rolling my crueler off!

Didn't expect to catch anything with those conditions as the Sea Bass were up off the bottom.

We did slug away all day making a couple moves when the bite died. Some very nice fish in the mix and everyone went home with dinner.

Where we are fishing, it just takes a rig change when the Fluke do decide to show and bite, but for now we will stick to Bottom fishing. If the conditions are right in the next few days we will start drifting inshore to test the waters on the Fluke. It's so much better catching dinner than stroking it all day for a handful of shorts, praying for a keeper!!


Back at it tomorrow....


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