Saturday, October 19, 2019

Weather finally straightened today...only problem was, It didn't happen till we hit the Dock!!!

What I thought would be a passing shower, then clearing with NW wind making for a beautiful day turned into several shots of rain, North wind and an Ocean from Hell!!  Slugged away all day but had to make a few moves. We caught no where near what I was reading on the fish finder but it was just conditions.

A strong Northerly current, nasty southerly swell still left over from yesterday made it tough. Can't believe with a nice gang of customers that not ONE PUKED!!!

Troopers, every one of them today!! A nice ling took the pool but we did have some beauty Sea Bass in the mix along with another Fluke.

Sunday we will be Fluke fishing Full time everyday. 7:30am till 2:30pm.   Looks like a nice day tomorrow, Saturday. Last shot at the Bottom Fishing guys.

Capt. Ron

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