Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Finally had one hell of a busy week, weather was great and the fishing was good.

We had a Couple Charters including Jim Levan with the Rubrik Corp., John Lucca JL Mechanical and Ken Bogush & crew from Wallington Plumbing.

Everyone on my Charters let me decide what is best for the day, a very smart decision as we ended up catching loads of Sea Bass, some ling, winter flounder & Fluke.   All went home with dinner at day's end with a lot of Happy fishermen.

Back to our Open Boat Monday morning 7:30am-2:30pm fishing for Fluke & Sea Bass. Monthly pool fish is 6.11 pounds and worth over $800 as of today.

Weather looks great for the next several days, a nice ocean breeze should take the edge off the heat as we are fishing the Ocean.

Hope to See you in the AM!

Capt. Ron

Great Catches

Proud Supporter

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