Sunday, November 17, 2019

As posted in the past, Stripers love the snot and today was no exception!!
Sailed knowing we only had a short window to catch them with the outgoing tide and hard NW wind.
First fish on within 5 minutes then steady action for the next 3 hours. Many fish between 24 and 29 inches with the bigger ones going 31 to 32 inches.
Rocco Farina had the pool fish at 17 pounds along with his limit.
June, Hammer, Sal, Joe and the rest of the crew all limited out before it was time to go.
Nasty to say the least, but fishable, would never have gone out had conditions been INCOMING TIDE against that wind.
At the change, we headed for home before it really got too bad....Great crew, Great fishing.
New pics and video for today!!

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