Wednesday, October 23, 2019

First stop this morning I thought we'd sink the boat!
Readings were solid on the bottom with bass. We caught 2!!!
Came back around and tried it again, NG. Once again, with the wind and outgoing together drift was way too fast.
Found some life way out to the East, Gannets, bait and fish up high (another tough scenario) for catching! Caught a few bass and blues.

Ran South and found a bluefish bonanza, could have sunk the boat with them if we stayed on'em. Kept searching for the Striper's, found a few in deeper water but not enough. Gave it a couple last shots back in the channel after the tide change but with the wind against we had no drift at all.
Good action, no limits and only a handful of bass.....
Someone made a comment that "If we could only fish for 20 minutes"with all the running around I was doing......That would have been 20 minutes wasted, Instead of trying to find what I was looking for.
Would have loved to stay in one spot, close to home, save a whole lot of fuel, but sometimes that doesn't work out....PS: Many of my "BOAT RIDES" end up paying Big dividends!!

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