Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Landed some beauties today with Capt. Ron Senior leading the way with an awesome 7.9, 6.6 and a 4 pound Fluke.

The Mustachio boys had 5 beauties up to 5 pounds in the cooler. Alan took the pool with a 5.6 pound fish and had another one for dinner. Joe, Mark and a couple guys had two nice fish each.

Caught the largest Trigger fish I have ever seen in this area at close to 8 pounds!! Sadly the picture didn't come out!

Weather report hurt everyone again today with a lack of participation.  Bring a heavier rod and Weight, up to 10 ounces, the current has been very fast the past week. Noodle rods that bend in half with 6 ounces ain't going to make it!!!

Weather does look great for the rest of the week into next week.  See you in the AM.

Capt. Ron

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