Monday, October 21, 2019

Weather looks very good for the next several days, the only thing I am concerned about is how much swell we will have tomorrow in the Ocean. Blew pretty hard today and the sea's were angry my friend. All I can say is, we will do the very best we can with the conditions we are dealt.

The last 2019 Fluke trip will be on Saturday the 21st, we start Porgy fishing on Sunday the 22nd. Looking forward to some good Porgy fishing as I know many who are chomping at the bit to get it going.

We are also Booked for this coming FRIDAY the 20th, not available.

Yesterday we had no drift all day, we only managed a handful of keepers with a bunch of shorts. A nice Pool fish at 7 pounds but without the conditions if was beyond tough and very frustrating. Fished several area's with the same results no matter where or what we did.

Back at it tomorrow!

Capt. Ron

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