Monday, October 21, 2019

Looked over two new area's this morning, the first spot which is usually ready by now didn't show a reading so we didn't ever stop. The second area we caught tiny Sea bass before the Sharks took over. The current also started to run and in an hour you would have needed 12 ounces to hold bottom/

Got the hell out of dodge and ran off shore. Found hundreds of Sea bass once again, some Big and most tiny. One nice Trigger fish. Got the hell out of there and ran inshore. Made a few drops before finally finding some very tough to catch Porgies.

Some customers ended up with between 15-20 some with just a couple and many with none by days end. Another overtime day as that was the best of the fishing.  Will give it hell tomorrow once again, weather looks great for the weekend.

Capt. Ron

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