Wednesday, October 23, 2019
First off, a Big Thank you to Dave and Fran for putting this fundraiser for the RFA together. Second, to all the guys who were on board, who are always there when an event takes place, thank you.

Took a ride looking for the jig fish, found plenty of life in the AM but a tough bite. Didn't have much current but we picked one, two fish a drift. Best drift of the day was 6 fish. High hook had 3 keepers and the pool fish went 14 pounds.
Smaller fish than what we have been catching.
Finished the day with a couple drops fishing with bait...NG.....Thanks again to Jeff "Shirtguy" for the Towels and Banner, Lefty Reeler for the great cigar, Shrimpman and Gerry for the oportunity to film you in action (check out the vid)!!!
Mrs. Henderson, your husband really does catch fish when your not here, 2 shots on the video to prove it!!
Great day on the water guys, lots of prizes, Steve won that beautifull custom rod and Larry "Heartattack" hit the 50/50 making a generous donation back to the RFA.

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