Thursday, October 17, 2019
Patience paid off today as we had to wait for the end of the incoming and the change....Picked a couple of fish to start but with the readings of life in the area you had to know the bite would turn on. Rain and a chill in the air didn't make the day any nicer.
Caught a couple shorts and an odd keeper to start.
Bite got much better on the outgoing with a couple guys landing their I said yesterday, It's easy to limit out with just a handful of customers. Today was no exception.
Have to add to a report from last week...Good customer GERRY had a 22 pound fish, I had his pic posted, but he was pissed that I didn't mention his great fish in my report. Had he been in the big pool, I would have made him the story of the day!!!
Love ya Gerry, Touché!!

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