Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Started out the morning on the last of the incoming, fishing with the clams. Had a good bite going on shorts and keepers. By 10:30 it was over. Made another drop waiting the change and hopfully the bite like yesterday..No such luck.
Was heading back up to the North when Capt.Rob from the Sea Hunter called and said the bite was on with the jigs. Took the 45 minute ride and it more than paid off!! Fish busting on top, broken reels and busted lines in the mayhem! Crocs and heavy jigs worked best with the hard wind and outgoing tide.
Vinny "Vintastic" finally lost the skunk boating 3 keepers. Doc, Tom, Jerry Eddie, Eric, all the regs had a day.
To sick myself today to do a video but Chris has a load of great pics for me to post......
Chris is at the hospital now, the wife is giving birth to his first!!

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