Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Weather called for South 5-10 with a chance of showers....Took the Monday boys out for what we thought would be O.K. conditions after the tide change....Wrong!!
As soon as we stopped the boat, wind came around into the East and blew 25 and better!!
As the current ran harder (out), the nastier it got with a building sea. I don't mind fishing in the snot, but this just got ridiculous! Too bad cause we did have a pick going on keeper Stripers.
Tried one drop in the bay but still, with the wind against that hard outgoing it was a huge waste of time.
Doesn't look good for tomorrow with the forcast 25 out of the SE.....If we had incoming current all day it would be a differant story. Wait a couple days.
Capt. Ron

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