Saturday, October 19, 2019
After two days tied to the dock didn't know what to expect with the swell and runoff from all the great weather we've had.

From the first whistle to the last, it was NON-STOP action on fish up to 24 pounds!!
Limited the boat by 10 A.M. and were tossing back 20 plus pound fish the rest of the day....These are the fish we have been waiting for as the second wave that usually show up in May.
Healthy, fat fish and they were hungry. They bit through the last of the incoming, through slack and came on even stronger as the tide ran out.
Had some great video to post and in my excitment to load it up, hit the wrong buttom while editing and deleted the whole show!!! A perfect day ruined by a jack-ass move on my part...sorry guys, hope the pics do you all justice.

Justin and the boys from PA, Eddie, Scott, Oscar, Joe and his Dad (new guys) and the rest of the crew tossed back close to 100 fish by days end......A great day to be a Party boat Captain!!!

Chartered Friday and Saturday morning.

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