Monday, October 14, 2019
Morning started out poorly on the last few hours of the outgoing, only had one fish.
Stuck around till late in the day, when the current got going, the bite turned on with Striper's up to 32 pounds!!
Lost at least 10 big fish... popped off, thumbed the reel, swung to fast, accidentally hit the reel release and so on!
Jill Goldstein, Summit NJ landed two beauties at 32 and 28 pounds, Chris will be very proud of you!
Jason White had a great pool winning 44 inch cow.
Ron also had a 30 pound fish, the first one in the boat..

Thanks to Capt. Sal for hooking us up with some great bait late in the day after catching his limit!!

Lots of bait, excellent readings for a change....Trying to get primed for tomorrows parking lot!!

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