Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Had a decent pick going in the AM on the last of the outgoing tide.
Shrimpman Steve was hot landing 3 keepers (including a 6 pound pool fish) a 4 pounder and close to 20 shorts. Steve is the Big Pool leader on the first trip.

Tom Krako worked on his Fluke game (after taking the striped bass pool), to land 4 keepers. Henry had 2 and so on. The better bite was with the buck tails, although several fish were caught on bait.

From Slack into the incoming, the bite never turner back on. Water was very dirty from all the runoff, we still covered the ground, read bait in the channel, just not enough action to finish it out.

One day to get acclimated and it's like riding a bike.. Back at it tomorrow to give it hell!!

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