Monday, October 14, 2019
Action all day today, mostly in the ocean. Caught the last hour of the tide in the AM and slugged away. Rode the change out as long as we could till the current ran too hard.
Had a tie for the daily pool between Vintastic and Willie (reelerin) with identical 5.6 pounders until Doug Lee, Paramus landed his new Big Pool leading 7.8 pound beauty!!
Doug thought he was hung in the bottom at first until the head shake, then his knees got weak knowing he had a big one!!

Shrimpman Steve brought his A game today and returned the beating he took last week from Johnny Tomato's by landing 6 nice keepers and who knows how many shorts.
Great group of customers onboard, a pleasure to be on the water!

Chartered Friday and Saturday this week.....

Great Catches

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