Monday, October 21, 2019
My Dad (Capt. Ron Sr.) tells me all the time and again today "You get out of it, what you put into it". A motto I live by and today he was right once again.

Conditions have been the pits the past 5 days in the morning with wind against in the A.M., no drift, waiting for the change and all that other crap.
Worked the throttles going forward and back to make our own drift. Action right from the start, some keepers, some shorts. Hours before we would see the change of tide and great conditions, but we made the best of it.

John Froelich, a dedicated Fluke fishermen and one of the best guys I have ever seen buck tailing (at such a young age), was back today after landing 5 keepers out with 8 fish in the box. Capt. Ron Sr. and Frank in the bow had 5 nice fish.
Had to work hard to catch them as I always tell the customers "They don't commit Suicide"!! When the change of tide came, the enthusiasm went in the crapper as a ship was coming out the channel, waited all day, telling everyone for the past few days the bite has been great....Ship went through and put any hopes for a banner day on Ice!! Still, a good day for some and a tough one for others.
Chartered this Weekend Sat. & Sunday AM trips.
Next week "NOT SAILING AM Trips"  TUESDAY 7/12 through Saturday 7/16.

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