Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Wanted to fish the ocean for a change of pace, as the bay has been beatin up pretty bad the past few weeks.
Thought for sure the current with the full moon yesterday would be impossible but tried it anyway. Stopped the boat on the first drop waiting for the nightmare that never came.....BARELY a drift.
Unless the GPS shorted out, we were moving at .4 knots. Caught some nice Fluke, a few Sea Bass and a couple ling but only on the snags. Once we drifted off the bottom, NG. All quality fish, not much action on the shorts, but the fish that did bite were beauties.

Ran too Ambrose after a couple hours as I couldn't take the lack of drift anymore, waiting for the current made me nuts!!!
Caught the change of tide just right and picked away on shorts and keepers. Pool fish there went 7 pounds on the money, With several big fish lost due to human error!!
Naturally, the $15 dollar battery I replaced 85 pictures ago in my camera, DIED and the Video camera was left at home.......Beleave it or not.
High hook had 4 keepers and the pool fish. A couple guys had 3 in the box.

Capt.Bob is out this afternoon, (Thank God he's back)!! One more double and I think I'd sell the boat! Looking foward to a good report from him.
The Bride suprised me with a nice Tanguraey and tonic when I came home.....
It's good to be the Captain!!
Chartered this coming Friday and Sunday Morning/ 22nd and 24th.
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