Sunday, November 17, 2019

Morning started out slow with a whole lot of stop and go fishing...
One, two fish on a drift and many drifts with none. Had a shot of 8 keepers then back to nothing!
Many fish up high where you couldn't read them, but they were there as we watched them attack the bunker.
Took a ride looking for some new life and we did find it!
Had a couple "drifts of the day" to bail us out on fish up to 24 pounds!
Few limits and suprisingly some of the Monday regs with NONE!!
Not going to mention any names as they are still in shock!
George managed his limit and is caught on tape tossing back the pool winning 24 pounder! Andy Seney once again landed another fish that made 23 pounds.
When the bite was on, it was good but only lasted a short while. Just enough time to make it a respectable day with some hot action. Great pics and a new video of todays action are attached.
Chartered this Saturday both AM and Afternoon Trips....

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