Thursday, October 17, 2019
Once again it was nice to get out of the bay and fish some deep water!
Didn't have much current most of the morning but it was enough to move us along at a snails pace.
Very nice keepers with a few shorts mixed in. Picked away each drift until we lost the current. Took a ride to catch the change of tide in the afternoon.
Once the current started to run, we got out the weights and the bite was on!!

Several fish 3 to 6 pounds with June Benson landing 4 keepers and the pool fish at 5 1/2 pounds.
Capt.Ron Sr (Not in the Pool) had a very nice 6 1/2 pound fish.

Doc and a couple others had 5 keepers followed by Andy, Sal and a few other with 4 in the cooler. All quality fish in deep water!! Had at least 5 fish that like to take the guys rods outta their hands when they bit. A huge strike, move them off the bottom then BAM..Gone! Guess that's how they get to be doormats.

As I have said countless times in the past, (to only fall on deaf ears) "PLEASE" bring a Heavier Rod and some weight 10 to 12 ounces.....Coming to the boat with 3 rods all the same weight just doesn't make any sense now, does it?
This ain't buck-tailin in the bay!!
You want to catch fish, we will take you where you have to be, but be prepared! Noodle rods and 15 pound test just won't make it.

Chartered This Friday and Sunday morning trips. Afternoon Fishing for Fluke 3:30pm till 9:00pm with Capt. Bob.

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