Monday, October 21, 2019
First drift this morning produced 9 keepers up to 8 pounds! Had a ship come through the channel and shut down the bite for a while. Fished the flats and found life there also.
Anchor Joe had the hot hand landing 6 keepers in the first hour! Joe finished the day with 9 total....from zero to hero in just a few short weeks

Andy, Doc, June, Vin, George and the rest of the Monday crew added to the catch.
Chris G. had the day off and landed a beautifull 9 pounder! Yound man with June had 4 big fish including the pool fish and his personel best at 8 pounds!

Fishing is hot, come on down!

Chartered this Friday and Saturday morning.
Open, afternoon fishing 3:30 till 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

Great Catches

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