Monday, October 21, 2019
Another very good day of fishing despite the traffic...
Mike Rodriguez is our new Big Pool Leader with his 8.5 pound beauty along with 10 keepers today.

Milton, Billy, Capt. Ron Sr. all had limits and then some. Fish from 3 to 5 pounds were not uncommon.
The jiggers certainly did better than the bait fishermen, especially on the change of tide bite.
Happy Birthday to Bert who had a very nice catch with his sweetheart in the pulpit.
Heard one of the funniest statements of my career today..A small boat was fishing by us, another boat came by, I hear the guy yell out,
"The Fishermen is on them and he won't move" . I didn't think we were anchored! What about the DRIFT?
Anyway, some very nice pics once again of todays catch.

Chartered Friday and Saturday Morning.
Afternoon Fishing Saturday and Sunday 3:30pm till 9:00pm fishing for Fluke.

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