Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Took a ride this morning looking for some life, just caught the change of tide and the gannets hitting the water!! First few fish all 15 pounds and up, a couple of blues mixed in with them.
Had to keep chasing them as the bait was moving fast! Had a couple solid hours of action before things went to a pick, then to the clams to finish out the day.
Butch Valetine had the hot hand with the croc landing 9 nice fish including a 22 pound pool fish.
Richie finally had his day! After telling him to be patient and beleave that it would happen, he landed 4 beauties. Several limit catches, yet, still some guys had none. Crocs and jigs with tails were hot. The shads didn't work as there was no sign of Bunker.
Chartered Saturday Morning and Afternoon Trips...
Some great pics and another youtube video!!

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